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Weld on instead of barrel extension. Coming Soon!
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Semi-Auto Sten Fake Supressor

Miscellaneous Semi-auto Sten Parts

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One front and one rear. Proper size for semi-auto sten build.
Price: $34.95 per set.
SAS3 Barrel Trunions
With template, internal machining done. Template pre-mounted. Just cut the slots! Price: $59.95.
Semi-Auto Sten SAS3 Receiver Tube
Beautiful CNC machined and heat treated. Price: $159.99
Semi-Auto Sten SAS3 Bolt
Also fits AR15. Price: $9.95 ea.
Semi-Auto Sten SAS3 Firing Pin
WWII Original, holds 4 sten magazines. In good issued condition. Price: $7.95 ea.
Danish Sten Mag Pouch